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Fostering Options

Ready to become a Foster Parent?  Let’s look at the options:

It’s your choice! This is not one size fits all.   As we understand that children and foster parents have different needs.  No matter which path you decide to take, know that you have the ability to change a child’s life whether during a short term placement or a permanent placement.

  • Regular Foster Care:  Certified by a Licensed Child Placing Agency (LCPA) or Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS).  To provide a temporary, safe, and loving environment for a child in need.
  • Treatment Foster Care:  Certified by a LCPA to help provide a stable home to children who have experienced trauma or are medically fragile.
    • Respite Care/Short Term Foster Care:  During respite or short term foster care, a foster parent can provide short-term relief for the biological family. This can be offered to another foster family for up to 29 days.  This provides an opportunity for the initial biological parent or foster parent to recharge and rest.
    • Long-Term Foster Care: Long-term foster care consists of the family providing a temporary. Must be a safe and nurturing environment until a permanency goal has been established and maintained.  A permanency goal can be relative placement, adoption, or reunification with the parents.   This can be for any amount of time longer than 30 days.
  • Foster to Adopt:  Some parents enter into the foster care process with the intent of adopting a child.  During this time the termination of parental rights (TPR) needs to be established. This will make it possible for the adoption process to continue.