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Is a joint project by Extra Special Parents and FosterVa who are raising awareness of Virginia’s need for great foster families.  As well as educate families on how to become a foster parent.  FosterVA builds relationships that will help youth in foster care have great choices as any other child in Virginia.

Why We’re all About our Foster Youth:

There are over 5,000 kids in foster care in the state of Virginia and 1,700 that are available for adoption.  Many of these youth are in need of a loving home until they are able to return to their home.  While others are waiting to find their forever family through adoption.

Girl in window dreaming of a forever home

A child awaits a forever home

Due to a large number of children that are in foster care in Virginia.  Local Departments of Social Services have approved some agencies to assist in placing foster children in loving homes.  All Licensed Child Placing Agency, have a knowledgeable team.  They are ready to help you in creating a loving and caring home for a child with or without special needs.    Making sure that you and your child are matched well is always so very important to us all.

What to Do?

In order to become a foster parent, training is offered.  These pieces of training give information on strength-based parenting, Virginia’s foster care system, trauma-informed care, behavior management, and other topics. When becoming a Treatment Foster Care Parent, you will also be provided with monthly training and support groups that cover various parenting and foster care topics.


Looking to adopt a child of any age, we will help find you an agency to make your dream come true.  We will be able to help you navigate the path to a forever family.  FosterVA wants you to develop a life long love for your new child or sibling group.  So many kids need you to please just call and we will help you on that journey.  You are amazing and we would love to help you.

Child holding hands with a adult

Foster child with a foster parent


We are improving the adoption rates in Virginia and find permanent loving families for children in a timely manner.  The “Adoption Through Collaborative Partnerships” grant (ATCP) was created.  This granted 13 child placing agencies across Virginia. They are now able to provide services to finalize adoptions for children and youth in foster care.